You can't hold someone's love against them.

Bradly:It's seems like I'm just this transition for women on their way to sth better.

Harry:At least it was a man this time . I thought that might be a consoliation.

Bradly:It's not.


Bradly:It's worse.How do I make a change.I can't go through this again. I swear to God. I'll lose my mind.

Harry:Shit. Bradly, listen.You just got to stay alert.

Bradly:What does that mean?

Harry:Everything we need to know is going on right in front our eyes.
             Yeah,we have our illusions about people,our hopes and they can blind us. 
             But the end is always right there in the begining.

Bradly:Catherine said I never saw her.
               Maybe I never saw Diana either.
               I was just looking for some piece of happiness so I closed my eyes and jumped.

Harry:Okay so next time.....

Bradly:Don't jump ,I know....

Harry:No no no jump..jump , but with your eyes open.


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